Project for Drug Sampling and Safety (PDSS) is an establishing, harm-reduction venture ran by a team of volunteers. Concern has risen amongst us regarding inconsistencies of purity when sampling illicit psychoactive substances for personal use. PDSS aims to provide an efficient service by testing W.H.A.

Project for Drug Sampling and Safety will not accept large quantities of substances intended for testing, please carefully read our submission guidelines.

Submission Process

  • Package trace quantities of the substance in a letter.
  • Print your sample barcode, obtain a barcode.
  • Attach your barcode securely on a gripseal/non-pourous container.
  • Post the letter to us.
  • Wait for your results of your substance to be displayed on the results page.

Testing Duration

Please understand that this is a harm-reduction service, arrival of post may take up to ten (10) days within the UK and twenty-eight (28) internationally. Evaluation of submitted substances will take no longer than 5 working days, any individual who submits a substance for testing will recieve automated tracking updates, once we scan a sample's barcode it will reflect on the website.




  • What is the substance?
  • How much is of the substance?
  • And what else is of the substance? (ex. contaminants)

Results are always displayed in the following format when in plaintext.

Result #0000 (Project for Drug Sampling & Safety England)
Substance: Cocaine Hydrochloride (0%)
Appearance: Crystalline Powder
Detections: None


  • Submission Guidelines
  • Drug Specifications PDF
  • Packing and Postage